MS SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers Complete List Download

Here I am providing some SQL server interview questions which are very helpful in interviews. Interview Questions and Answer contains questions from beginner to advance users. Many of my friends have asked me to write on SQL server where they can get all the information to be a good database developer. These sql server interview questions provide a lot of information.

Some of the questions which I have covered are as follows.

What Is Database?
What is Relational Database?
Explain some SQL Server Query?
What are the null values in SQL SERVER?
What is normalization?
What are different normalization forms?
What is Stored Procedure?
What is Trigger?
Difference between Triggers and Stored Procedures
What is View?
What is partitioned view?
What is Index?
What is cursor?
Types of cursors:
What is difference between DELETE & TRUNCATE commands?
What is User Defined Functions?
Difference between Function and Stored Procedure?
What types of Joins are possible with SQL Server?
What is SQL Profiler?
What is SQL server agent?
What is OLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing)?
What is a transaction and what are ACID properties?
...and many more

You may download the attached file containing questions and answer. I welcome your comments

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