Connection string builder generator for any data source like SQL Server Oracle Microsoft Access OLEDB Etc using visual basic .Net

Generally, one of the first steps when you are trying to work with databases is open it. Each has a different mode of connection. When you try to connect with your database sometimes, you do not know the correct connection string that you must use. It is for that I have written this application.

I have worked with visual basic .Net and I have noticed that there is a not GUI tool for editing and creating connection strings runtime, that is why I created my own, with similar behavior to the common dialogs. I implemented editing for connection string of the most used Net Data providers shipped with visual studio: SQLServer (SQLClient), Oracle (OracleClient), Microsoft Access (OleDB), OleDb Net Provider(OleDb) and ODBC Net Provider (ODBC). Note that for ODBC I make support for DSN and DSN-less Connection Strings. 

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