Extended Datagrid View Sample

This article will help you to understand how you can extend the DataGridView class. To provide edit functionality in DataGridView it is very much necessary to provide various controls inside DataGridView. Many readers have asked me to provide code so that they can use it with their existing application.

I am using DataGridView since long and sometime default functionality provided is very limited for DataGridView. I have extended Data Grid View for additional functionality.

At this point I have added following feature in DataGridView

1. ComboBox for user selection.
2. CheckBox functionality
3. Integrated Button inside the DataGridView and handle the respective events

Additional events are added are as follows
1. SelectionChangedHandler
2. TextChangedHanlder
3. CheckChangedHanlder
4. ButtonClickedHanlder

I have kept the code simple so that user will understand easily.

Please do share and provide your feedback

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